• Comprehensive care of patients with Bipolar Disorder(BD).

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What is Bipolar Disorder?

Happiness and Sadness, the two very and frequent emotions, being the central and core symptoms of a major psychotic illness remains a fascinating, though disturbing, fact. Bipolar disorder affects about 23% of population all over the world. It is episodic in nature and the episodes are DEPRESSION the "Low" phase, and MANIA the "High" phase. Generally each episode lasts from a few weeks to a few months. Patients return to normalcy (Pre−illness state) after the episodes. But person to person. The disorder can result in significant disturbances in family, social and work related relationships and carries the risk of suicide.

Bipolar disorder is predominantly due to imbalance in the brain and hereditary vulnerability is marked. effective medicines are available to treat the episodes and also to prevent future attacks. Treatment is prolonged and has to be followed with much regularity, without discontinuation of medicines. Support of family members is crucial. Disciplined life style and avoidance of drugs of abuse (Alcohol etc) complements treatment and helps the patient regain the NORMAL STATUS.